Reflections in a Comic-Con Eye

“You gotta go to Comic-Con” is a refrain I’ve heard for years. Considering I don’t like leaving my office to go take a swim in the pool, it was an easy refrain to resist. Until, of course, the kids moved to San Diego. And for some reason they took their kids, the grandkids, Riley K and Haydn R. Future leaders of the Resistance Against the Machines and people think I’m joking about that, but hey—I’ve been to Comic-Con.

I’m shooting from the hip here, but my takes:

  1. I was a bit surprised how commercial it was. I know everyone is hawking something, but everyone was selling something. Perhaps I’m spoiled by BEA, but I noticed that the ‘backpacks’ that they gave out when you registered and that were being worn by people: were all mostly empty. No giveaways.
  2. I don’t do lines. Especially not to pay for something. So I missed out on what people say is the real heart of Comic-Con. Seeing previews. Advance screening. I tried talking my son Craig, into going to the Archer panel, but his point was he didn’t want to see the people behind the voices. Plus, we were sure there would be a line.
  3. indexI know it’s a brain defect of mine to not want to see something first. My wife and I have been to the movie theater once in the past eight years and that was cause her sister dragged us. We haven’t been back. We can wait until on-demand. Really. So keep that in mind with my lack of enthusiasm for getting a sneak peak at something or listen to actors and actresses talk about their show. Like the cast of Walking Dead is really going to let us know who got killed? Nope.
  4. San Diego. Was browner than I remembered. Hot. Downtown was much bigger than I anticipated, having never really spent much time there. Lots of condos, lots of homeless. I might be living in the area soon, so I love it.
  5. It was hard for me to wear my Time Patrol shirt, but who cares in a place full of storm troopers and whatevers. One guy was wearing pieces of black garbage bags taped together. Not sure what comic that’s from. I don’t get why female heroines wear pretty much nothing into battle while men armor up. Overall, I was rather under-impressed with the costumes. I saw the spread on CNN and it wasn’t that impressive either, so I don’t think I missed anything. I did spend time wondering how some of those people packed that stuff.
  6. I also pondered some of the people all dressed up walking around all by themselves.
  7. I know I’m being Bobbie-Downer. I think the con has its place and it makes many people happy.
  8. But my take is that its peaked. Hard to say that only having been there once, but look at the curve. It started pre-Internet. So it was a magnet for like-minded people to get together. But now that the Internet has been around since Scout saved it on 29 October 1969 by making sure the first message went through in Black Tuesday (Ha! Had to do that plug for the book), like-minded people can find each other easier. Like dressing up as a rock? Hey, there’s forty people within twenty miles of you who like it too.
  9. I think local cons will benefit because of this.
  10. ComicCon BrooksThe spirit of the author and being nice. I had lunch with Terry and Judine Brooks, old pals from our Maui Writers Conference days. After lunch, Terry went back over into the melee, not because he had to, but because someone had asked him to sign some stuff and he’d said yes. I know tons of best-selling authors who’d have said no. In fact, a majority. What Terry did comes down to a simple thing: being a good guy. We need more of those.
  11. Will Cool Gus have a presence at Comic-Con in the future? Nope. Gus might bite someone.

What If Wednesday: 15 March 44 B.C. What if Caesar lived?

The more I researched Caesar’s assassination, the more intriguing it became. I loved how in the HBO series ROME, a contributing factor was Vorenus rushing away to confront his wife, leaving Caesar defenseless. But, in reality, there are some theories that Caesar had a very good idea what he walking into that day.

It must have been rather hard to keep such a conspiracy secret in a city such as Rome. Caesar was suffering from a malady, many think it was epilepsy, although some have proposed he suffered mini-strokes. Regardless, he was an ill man. He did some strange things in the months leading up to his death. At one point, Marc Antony tried to crown him and Caesar refused. But its doubtful Antony would have come up with this on his own.

Perhaps Caesar committed suicide by assassination?

But a more intriguing What If is this: What If Marc Antony had been able to get to Caesar and warn him? Together they decided to turn the tables on the assassins?

Ides of March (Time Patrol)

Caesar was only 56 when he died. What if he’d lived another 20 years, ruling Rome? How would history be different?

Game of Bones: Episode 3: Becca, daughter of Party of One & Dress Me In Buckskin.

While Gus, not yet Cool, was being trained to be a knight, including captaining his own kayak, his brother Uno, aka Wyntercreek Party of One, was, well, having a party. With Wyntercreek Dress Me In Buckskin. We won’t get into the details, but I think her name says it all. Something kinky.

Uno’s title gives you an idea of his personality. Party of One? Really? I think not. Because he peeled those Buckskins off of Tandy, as she was more commonly known, and got to work.

And the result was Becca, Sassy from the word go.

Other significant names in Sassy Becca’s lineage: Trinity Titus (okay, that’s a good one for an action hero); Eternal Joy; Otter Be A Star (but learn how to spell first); Chablais Singing in the Rain; and the ominously named: Something’s Amiss.

IMG_0399 3Gus should have paid attention to the last one, but every so often, he rested on his laurels.

IMG_0447 3Because one day, there was Sassy Becca. Sent by his brother, Uno, to usurp the usurper (can you do that?)

And right from the start, she made it clear who was the boss.

What she lacked in size, she made up for in intensity. When she was awake.

She had little interest in swimming. Or chasing a ball. Becca’s was the art of diplomacy, intrigue, and food. Mainly food.

Episode Four: Gus Becomes Cool Gus

PS: Uno is still in the Green Islands, still doing, you know what. Don’t tell Gus.



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