For Writers: Conflict. The Fuel of Your Story

Stories run on conflict. Not only does the entire novel require a core conflict, almost every scene requires conflict in it. Usually at two levels, personal and story.

Here is part of my slideshow on Conflict on Slideshare:

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Kindle Countdown: “Spellbinding” according to Terry Brooks

That’s what he had to say about Atlantis, which is only .99 as part of a Kindle Countdown starting today.

This is the book that established the universe in which not only the Atlantis series exists, but also my Time Patrol series. Multiple timelines existing on parallel paths. Throw in the possibility of time travel and you end up with a lot of possibilities, like several Amelia Earhart’s.

BTW– Terry’s Shannara Chronicles has been renewed for a second season and built up to become a top 100 show on cable TV.  Check it out by clinking on the title.


Walter Cronkite: No story since that awful day has equaled it.

I was surprised to see that quote from Cronkite while researching Shit Doesn’t Just Happen since most people have never heard of the event to which he was referring. The slideshow below shows it and quotes about six other events.

BTW– that event is the reason we now have smell added to propane. That and other interesting facts and strategies about how to prevent catastrophes like it from re-occurring are the core of the Shit Doesn’t Just Happen books.

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