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Two Weeks Until . . .

publication of Nine-Eleven (Time Patrol). 

There are coincidences in history that, if you wrote them as a novel, would be unbelievable. But since I’m using actual history as the template for my Time Patrol books, I can use those coincidences. On 9-11-2001, the same day as the attacks in NY, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania, the largest aircraft in the world set a record that still stands for cargo lift to altitude. On 9-11-9, the Roman Empire suffered its greatest defeat. More Romans might have died at Cannae, but Hannibal never followed up his victory, so in terms of history, it didn’t have much effect. The Battle of the Teutoberg Forest on the other hand stopped the Roman Empire at the Rhine River.  Then there is the Mountain Meadows Massacre, on 9-11-1857, a dark day in our history, when 120 emigrants on the California Trail were murdered in cold blood by Mormons. One event, 9-11-1776, held the potential to entirely change our country’s history; indeed to keep us from ever becoming the United States: when Benjamin Franklin and John Adams met with Admiral Howe, to British Commander to discuss the possibility of peace. This happened right after George Washington lost the Battle of Long Island.

CGApprovedFor those interested in history, in learning about events both large and small and arcane (is the house on Staten Island where the peace conference was held haunted?) the Time Patrol books cover it all.

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Kindle Daily Deal today: Time Patrol!

There’s no better way to launch into the Time Patrol than with the first book in the series.  Overall, all five books in the series have a 66% 5-Star rating average; a 4.5 Star average.

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Cool Gus’ Book of the Week: Nightstalkers. #1 Kindle bestseller, discounted.

Nightstalkers_CGApprovedDiscounted to $1.99 because Cool Gus says so: Nightstalkers

The idea for this book came to me based on my time in Special Operations. We’d run into guys from other covert units and we’d chat and ask them if they were doing such and such, because we’d heard rumors, and they’d say, we thought you guys were doing that and then we wondered who the hell is doing it?

All those black helicopters in the movies? We were in those, especially when Task Force 160, the actual Nightstalkers, were formed. Yes, we were above your house. Watching you.

I thought: what if there’s a Special Ops team formed to take care of the things that go bump in the night? I stationed them out near Area 51, since it’s already a secure area; plus, let’s be honest, 47North, the publisher, wanted to link it with my Area 51 series, although there really is no link, other than location. And me, the author, so yeah, that’s a link.

This book introduces the wild and crazy cast of characters, Moms, Nada, Scout, Roland & more, who’ve continued on into my current Time Patrol series.

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