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Fashion and Sin… Let the Fun Begin…

Please welcome to the house, NY Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Probst!


I love summer. And fashion. Which is really funny since my daily wardrobe consists of yoga pants, t-shirts, and bare feet. Still, I was always a bit of a girly-girl and enjoyed putting together fab outfits, paired with accessories. I have a terrible crush on Rachel Zoe. Eventually, I decided it would be fun to incorporate some of my love for good style into a book, and what’s more perfect than a short, sexy beach read about three best friends gathering for a wedding in the Hamptons?

The series contains three books but each can be read as a stand-alone.

Sun. Sand. Sex. Fashion.


When I discovered the Poshmark App—a shopping online paradise that features thousands of women’s closets, designer deals, and a way to sell your own stuff, I was hooked. I thought it would be fun to include Posh in the book and mention some of my favorite closets I consistently shop. I began creating A Posh Picks Pinterest page, and regularly share #JensPoshPicks on my social media page. Follow me at @AuthorJPro and say hello, then get hooked! When you register, use this code JAGEU and you’ll get a 5$ credit! And don’t forget to read Summer Sins to check out Storme’s wardrobe.

With August slowly wrapping up, it’s a perfect time to dive into a beach book before Fall is forcing us to think about boots, holidays, and school shopping.

Only 2.99 available at all online outlets! I’ve included the link to the book trailer to tease you.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Happy reading and happy shopping!

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Tropes of Science Fiction

CGApprovedYou don’t want to be next to me watching some of these shows and movie. Cool Gus even moves away some times and my wife tells me to shut up. So I’m venting here about some of the tropes of science fiction shows:

  1. Why is everyone wandering around the streets in the post-apocalyptic world? Isn’t anyone working? Patrolling? Farming? In Walking Dead there were, I believe, 72 people in the Governor’s town. In most scenes there were like 100 people wandering about walking from point A to point B for no apparent reason. Every science fiction set is more crowded than most major cities, except New York. But that’s because I think Manhattan is one large set.
  2. Who feeds those fires in the large barrels? Why are there fires in the barrels? No one’s cooking anything.  Which leads me to . . .
  3. Who lights all those candles? Who replaces them? Why are there so many candles? What happens when they all melt? Who cleans up the candles? Who has the candle contract? How can I get it?
  4. No one carries any gear. No backpack with food, a change of clothes, toilet paper (a valuable commodity in the post-apocalyptic world), extra ammunition for when . . .
  5. Everyone fires on full auto and never runs out of ammo even though no one is carrying extra ammo. And then . . .
  6. The bad guys are always, always terrible shots. Unless you’re wearing a red shirt. Good guys can even duck and have a bullet miss. You know the bullet that’s flying at supersonic speed, where it actually hits before you hear the sound of the gun firing in real life.
  7. indexPeople heal incredibly fast. They also come back to life pretty easily. Yeah, you Jon Snow. And really, why bring him back if he’s going to be so stupid to charge at the battle when his sister specifically told him DON’T DO THAT. Did anyone else DVR the Red Witches little chant over his body? Keeping it handy in case you need to bring someone back? You know nothing, Jon Snow!

We see these and variations of them over and over. The writers know they’re tropes. But sometimes, a writer’s got to do what a writer’s got to do. I’ve troped up once or twice.

What are some of your favorite tropes?

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